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Lower Back pain

Lower Back pain

Back pain is perhaps the most common type of pain experienced by Australians.

Everyone will experience some type of back pain thoughout our lives.

For most people it may be acute, painful but only last a few days or a week.

For others, it is the result of a more severe injury and can become long term, debilitaitng chronic pain.

Whatever type of back pain you experience, there are treatments available to help reduce the severity and duration of the pain, and to get you moving again as pain free as possible.

Massage & Myotherapy

For most commmon types of muscular back pain, remedial massage & myotherapy massage are excellent treatments to reduce pain, improve movement and flexibilty and to have you moving and feeling better in no time.  

Suitable for overuse sprains and strains that come from too much computer use, poor posture, or over doing it at the gym.


For more severe types of back pain where there may be an underlying injury, structural damage or nerve involvement, Osteopathy is the most suitable form of treatment. 

Our Osteopath will conduct a full assesment and diagnosis including range of motion, function and neurological examination. You may also be refered for other tests or scans in needed.

The Osteopathic session wil also include hans on treatment for your back pain.


Acupuncture has been shown to provide excellent pain relief for both acute and chronic back pain and injuries.



Dr.Anne-Marie Noble is the Osteopath at our Richmond osteo clinic.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is an ancient natural form of healing. It has been clinically proven to be an effective means of providing pain relief.



At Bodyactive Health, our aim is to offer you the best therapeutic and remedial massage in Richmond for treating all types of muscular pain and injury, or for when you just want to relax.

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