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The majority of us spend most of our days sitting.

This can have short-&-long-term effects on our health & body

Prolonged sitting causes the gluts, hip-flexors & hamstrings to shorten, compromising these powerful stabilizers & contributing to hip & lower back pain.

These tight muscles affect gait & balance, making activities like walking & exercising harder.

This may also contribute to lower back pain & knee stiffness, problems that many people suffer with every day.

Throw in poor posture or slouching whilst sitting & this can cause compression on the discs in your spine resulting in chronic pain.

As with your legs, gluts, & lower back, your shoulders & neck may also suffer from prolonged sitting.

Muscles in your upper back & neck tense up causing serious aches & pains throughout your shoulders, neck, & upper back.

Woman working at desk

Sitting for long periods of time with your leg over your knee can cause your pelvis to rotate and tilt.

This can cause pain in the lower back. It could also lead to a misalignment of your spine over time.

Sitting with one ankle tucked behind your other foot/leg can shorten the calf muscles, further contributing to such conditions as knee pain, ankle stiffness/instability, & plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the lining under the foot).

If your job keeps you at your desk for long periods of time, make sure that you take some time after work to get some physical activity and keep your muscles, tendons and joints in good working order.

Breaking up long blocks of sitting to flex your muscles seems like a wise move for all of us, so try to build more activity into your day. Even a short walk every day can do a world of good.

Though office environments may not be conducive to getting all of the activity we should every day, there are lots of little things you can do to turn your sedentary lifestyle into a more active one.

  • Set a timer to remind you to get up and move around every so often.

  • Take your phone calls standing up.

  • Try an adjustable standing desk for your computer.

Come & see our Osteopath, Dr. Anne-Marie Noble for a thorough assessment & treatment of any aches & pain associated with office posture & prolonged sitting

Anne-Marie is available every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at BodyActive from 12pm – 7pm.

You can contact directly on 0417 509 120 or at the clinic on 9427 8848

Alternatively, you can book online using the form from the link below:


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