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Biomechanics and Osteopathy

Everything is connected:

‘Biomechanics’ involves the study of how each part of the musculoskeletal system interacts with and influences every other part of the body & is central to Osteopathy.

Osteopaths will therefore look at any joint or muscle injury by considering how one part of the body might affect another &, hence, cause injury or pain. For example, an ankle injury may mean that you limp and favour the other foot. Over time, this may lead to other injuries, such as soreness in the non-injured ankle, knee or hip, or perhaps back pain.

Osteopaths will review any injury or pain you have by looking at your entire musculoskeletal system, & checking other systems of the body – such as your circulatory, nervous & lymphatic systems – to see if they may be affecting the healing process.

Osteopathy treatment & management:

Osteopathic treatment & management is based on evidence-based science & research & is used to strengthen the musculoskeletal framework to improve your health & relieve pain.

This involves one or a combination of the following:

· Checking your musculoskeletal & nervous systems

· Providing non-invasive manual therapy, when appropriate

· Developing clinical exercise programs

· Providing movement, postural & positioning advice

· Providing ongoing support & educational advice about lifestyle,

stress-management, diet or other factors that may influence pain,

injury or movement.

Our Osteopath, Dr. Anne-Marie Noble is available every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at Bodyactive from 12pm – 7pm.

You can contact Anne-Marie directly on 0417 509 120 or at the clinic on 9427 8848

Alternatively, you can book online using the form from the link below:

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