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· Stretching boosts blood-flow to muscles.

*It can help avoid injuries, making it a valuable tool prior to, & post-exercise*

· Laughing is good for the heart & can increase blood flow by approximately 20%, and so can visiting your Osteopath.

*Not scientifically proven, but worth the risk*

· Your blood makes up nearly a tenth of your body weight.

· More than half of your bones are in your hands & feet.

*27 bones in each hand and 26 bones in each foot*

· Chewing gum can sharpen your focus.

*When chewing, people can become more alert, as the brain associates chewing with nutrients & foods*

· The core of your spinal discs contains a large amount of water.

*Potentially why dehydration can lead to back pain*

· The name Coronavirus comes from the Latin term ‘corona’, which means ‘halo’ or ‘crown’.

*It got its name from its crown-shaped appearance from under the microscope*

· An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

*Apples can potentially reduce bad cholesterol, which in turn can help maintain a healthy heart*

· Exercise can release endorphins, which help boost the mind, mood, & spirit, as can regularly visiting your Osteopath.

*Not scientifically proven, but hey why not give it a go*

Having a pet can help reduce high blood presssure.

*Thanks for your good work Rupert, the best Osteopath-assistant ever.*

· Optimism may help you live longer, as can making an appointment with your Osteopath.

*Not scientifically proven, but hey is the glass half full?*

Dr. Anne-Marie Noble is available, Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 12pm – 7pm.

In doubt? Click here to book online 😊


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