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As we get older, just about everything about us naturally becomes a little less flexible. 

Our bones become less flexible, which means they’re more susceptible to becoming brittle (although in reality this does happen as we get quite a bit older). 

Our muscles also get a bit tighter. The tendons (connecting muscle to bone) & ligaments (connecting bone to bone) tend to not want to stretch as much.

This doesn’t mean the only option is a one-way ticket to degeneration/arthritis. 

It means you simply have to work harder & really dedicate yourself to exercise, stretching and having a nutritious balanced diet suitable to what your body needs.

two men stretching

A large proportion of people spend most days sitting at a desk. 

The muscles that support the pelvis & back shorten with prolonged sitting. 

Once we stand up, we subconsciously expect these muscles to work to keep us moving/walking. 

In a shortened form, these muscles inhibit us from walking truly straight. 

This can affect your gait when you walk, which could lead to tightness & weakness in various muscles. 

This in turn can put stresses on other parts of the body, including hips, lower back & knees.  Ultimately a joint injury may occur.

Stretching is just one important aspect of keeping adequate flexibility & mobility throughout your body. 

Mobility is about your joints being able to move freely through their full range-of-motion. 

Flexibility is primarily about your muscles & how well they move & stretch with day-to-day activities. 

Mobility & flexibility have a huge impact on each other.

If you’re finding tension that just won’t budge, our Osteopath has the knowledge & experience to help you find the right stretches and can effectively treat any of your aches & pains.

Our Osteopath, Dr. Anne-Marie Noble is available every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at Bodyactive Health from 12pm – 7pm.

You can contact her directly on 0417 509 120 or at the clinic on 9427 8848.

Alternatively, you can book online using the form from the link below


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