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Do you exercise regularly but sit at a desk for most of the day?

While going to the gym, doing a HIIT or spin class three times a week is great for your fitness, it doesn’t always undo the tightness & structural alterations that happen to your body after sitting at a desk looking at a screen all day.

Often, we are exercising while still holding tension in the neck or shoulders or with a tight lower back, rushing to class but not stretching adequately before or after.

We build muscle & fitness but can end up tighter & stiffer.

office worker at desk

Prevention & maintenance.

If you spend a lot of time & energy on your fitness, some regular Osteopathic treatment is a sensible idea to prevent strains & injuries.

To keep your body & joints in good shape & help prevent any musculoskeletal injuries such as shoulder or hip-flexor strain, or even RSI from computer use, consider a monthly Osteopath treatment as part of your wellbeing health program.

Our Osteopath, Dr. Anne-Marie Noble is available Monday’s, Wednesday’s, & Thursday’s from 12pm to 7pm.

You can contact her directly on 0417 509 120 or at the clinic on 9427 8848.

Alternatively, you can book online using the form from the link below:


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