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Working From Home & Osteopathy

It has been more than two years since Australians were told to pack up their desks and work from home, yet two-thirds (65%) of those who work remotely still do not have a dedicated, ergonomic home office space – with one in five (22%) working either from their dining room table or from a laptop wherever they can find space.

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Working from home and hybrid working models are clearly here to stay, with a third of Australians (34%) now either working remotely or a hybrid of at home and on-site. Office workers are twice as likely (68%) to work from home spending a staggering 90% of their day in front of a computer.

Despite the work life balance benefits of working from home, the ergonomic set-up of our home offices – or lack thereof – is now being linked to a rise in pain, with a quarter (25%) of Aussies reporting an increase in pain since they started working from home.

With a quarter (26%) of Australians now experiencing pain or discomfort in their body because of their day-to-day work and almost half (49%) of desk workers having a recurring niggle or pain, experts are urging them to take preventive action and seek Osteopathy treatment now.

Osteopaths are university-qualified allied health professionals who take the time to listen and treat patients as a whole, not just focussing on one pain point.

Osteopathy involves the clinical care of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, which is made up of the bones, muscles, nerves, and other tissues that support the body and control its movements. Osteopathic treatment involves manual therapy to aid mobility and relieve pain.

To make an appointment with a Richmond osteopath, you can contact Dr. Anne-Marie Noble directly on 0417 509 120 or at the clinic on 9427 8848.

Alternatively, you can book online with our Richmond osteo clinic using the link below:

Published previously on Osteopathy Australia website – Media release: Working from home a real pain for Aussies.


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